A journey into hardware

Hello, and welcome! Now, this might be the third or fourth attempt at starting a blog, but I’m convinced this time it’s going to be different – I actually have something to write about! A few weeks ago my Raspberry Pi arrived and I had (grand) delusions of giant robots roaming throughout the house, all controlled by The Pi. There was only one problem with this – I know nothing about electronic circuits. I used to know a little bit, but then I forgot, shortly after I became old enough to drink. After unpacking I had to do some basic setup. This was all fairly trivial stuff, mostly just copied verbatim from the following tutorials:

1) Preparing the SD card (with Debian “Squeeze”, username = pi, password = raspberry)

2) Resizing the partition to fill the whole SD card (best to do this on a fresh install, just in-case you mess it up)

3) Enabling SSH

4) Mounting devices and transferring files (remotely with WinSCP)

5) Changing the hostname

6) Changing your password

7) Changing the Message of the Day

That was enough to get to a decent starting point, allowing the Raspberry Pi to be plugged into power and networking then being completely controllable from a remote client.

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