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Accessing GPIO from a web server

After successfully accessing the GPIO pins from the command line, my next goal was to read and write pin values from a web site. The first step is to install a web server, and the obvious choice would normally be Apache, … Continue reading

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Programmable LEDs (Basic)

Having setup an LED to be permanently lit via the 3.3V GPIO pin, the next step is to get the LED to light on demand, via a GPIO control pin. There are several pins to choose from, I used pin … Continue reading

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Park Tools Cyclone Chain Cleaner Review

I’ve recently picked up the Park Tools CG-2 Chain Gang Chain Cleaner Set from Wiggle after it was heavily discounted. I’d always been a little dubious about how good this tool could be and have previously opted for a manual cleaning process … Continue reading

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Let there be light! (Update)

Following on from the previous post I have a correction to make. The 270 ohm resistors that shipped with the LEDs aren’t overkill for the 3.3V Raspberry Pi GPIO circuit. There must have been a mistake in the way I built the … Continue reading

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Let there be light!

In the beginning… As a budding electronic engineer, where should you start? This might be a question with many correct answers, but I decided to start with a simple single LED circuit. I bought the following equipment to get me … Continue reading

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A journey into hardware

Hello, and welcome! Now, this might be the third or fourth attempt at starting a blog, but I’m convinced this time it’s going to be different – I actually have something to write about! A few weeks ago my Raspberry … Continue reading

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